CakeDefi Ethereum Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $1 in ETH-DFI Token

CakeDefi Ethereum Quiz Answers

CakeDefi Ethereum Quiz Answers: Participate in CakeDefi learn and earn quiz campaign and win assured $1 worth Ethereum (ETH) token from this new Ethereum quiz.

The quiz questions will generally be based on the same topic itself and therefore make sure to learn about it through the provided short lessons or videos.

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CakeDefi Ethereum Quiz Answers

Q1) Which of the following best describes Ethereum?

Answer: B. Ethereum is a decentralized and open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. It was conceived by programmer Vitalik Buterin and was launched in 2015. Also, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum is programmable.

Q2) Which of the following best describes ETH?

Answer: A. ETH is the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum blockchain. It is decentralized, transparent is and is currently ranked 2nd to BTC. It takes about 15 seconds to 5 minutes to process ETH transactions.

Q3) What Makes Ethereum Work?

Answer: C. Several components come together to make Ethereum function the way it does, namely blockchain technology, proof-of-stake, smart contracts, ethereum virtual machine and ETH.

Q4) What Innovations Are Attributed to Ethereum?

Answer: D. Many innovations are attributed to Ethereum, which includes the birth of decentralized finance (DeFi), initial coin offerings (ICOs), stablecoins, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and GameFi.

Q5) What is the Ethereum Merge?

Answer: A. The Merge is mainly the merging of the Ethereum Mainnet with the Beacon Chain proof-of-stake system. It did NOT reduce gas fees, significantly improve transaction speed, enable staking withdrawals or cause APR to increase by 200%.