Apollo 247 Quiz Answers Today | Healthy Eating Quiz

Apollo 247 Quiz Answers Today

Here are the Apollo 247 quiz answers from which you can earn assured ₹75 worth of health credits for free. Today’s quiz is about healthy eating and hence all questions are based on this.

This is an official quiz from apollo 24|7 where they give free health credits. HC are basically wallet credits that can be used to buy any daily basis essentials or medicines from apollo app or from offline apollo store.

Quiz challenges are launched occasionally by apollo and it gives assured up to ₹100 health credits to every user. Currently healthy eating quiz is live from which you can earn 75 HC.

The value of 1 HC is equals to 1 rupee and these credits are fully redeemable. Today’s apollo healthy eating quiz answers are added below. The quiz is open for a limited time period only.

Free ₹100 HC From Apollo 24/7 Survey

Offer – Give your feedback on Apllo247 diagnostics and get free Health Credits.

Reward – 100 HC worth ₹100 as a token of appreciation.

1. Go to this link – https://apollo247.typeform.com/to/nJ1U3K9H

2. Start the survey.

3. Give answers according to your experience.

4. In the last step provide your phone number that you used for Apllo247 app signup.

5. They will add 100 Health Credits to your Apollo 247 HC wallet.

6. You can use ₹100 HC to get ₹100 products for free.

Free ₹75 Health Credits Apollo 247 Quiz

1. Signup on apollo 24|7 from below link if you do not have account.

2. Go to apollo healthy eating quiz page from the below provided link.

3. Click on get started and a quiz will start.

4. There are five questions related to healthy eating topic.

5. Give correct answers for every question within allotted time period.

6. Done, you will receive ₹75 worth health credits free within 24 hours.

7. Health credits can be redeemed from nearest apollo store or from apollo app.

8. Today’s quiz answers are given below.

Apollo Healthy Eating Quiz Answers

Q1. Which of these will provide you with the most energy?

Answer: Whole grain cereals

Q2. Eating too much oily food may lead to.

Answer: All of the above

Q3. Which is the most important meal of the day?

Answer: Breakfast

Q4. Which of the following foods is NOT considered healthy?

Answer: Potato chips

Q5. Which of these is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids?

Answer: All of the above