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POSI Learn To Earn Weekly Quiz (Week 7) | Win 5 POSI Tokens

POSI Learn To Earn Quiz Answers

POSI Learn To Earn Quiz Answers – Participate in the Position exchange learn & earn weekly quiz 7 and win 5 $POSI tokens. Don’t miss this crypto airdrop! It’s just a 2-minute task.

Position exchange is a cryptocurrency trading platform where you can buy any cryptocurrency quickly and easily. Every week Position exchange holds a play-to-earn activity.

Play-to-earn activity mainly covers random topics of blockchain. There will be 1 topic per week for participants to discuss and answer the quiz at the end of that week.

Participants who take the learn-to-earn quiz consecutively get bonus rewards in the form of the $POSI tokens. For week 5 quiz, 500 lucky winners with correct answers will get 5 $POSI.

POSI learn to earn week 7 quiz will end on 12th August 2022. So better you hurry up! Week 6 POSI quiz answers are given below scroll the page to see the correct answers.

Participate In The Quiz & Win 5 $POSI

1) Visit the link given below and signup/login to your position exchange account.

2) Now visit here and take the POSI learn & earn weekly quiz (week 7 quiz).

3) Submit quiz answers, your email id, twitter username and Smartchain address.

4) 500 lucky participants with correct answers will get the prize of 5 POSI each.

5) This quiz will expire on August 12 and the winners will be announced on August 13.

POSI Learn To Earn Quiz Answers | Week 7

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting it. These are for reference purposes only

Q1) What are the features of POSI Chain?

Answer: Decentralized, Fully On-chain orderbook & Execute orders directly with a smart contract

Q2) What stable token pairs are currently tradable on Position Spot trading?

Answer: All

Q3) Position Spot Trading allows users to choose the price, size, and direction of their trades.

Answer: True