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Park+ Quiz Answers Today 23rd November - Win Free Petrol

Park Plus Quiz Answers Today

Park plus quiz answers today: Want free petrol every day? Here I have found out an app named Park+ which gives free petrol daily to its users. 

It’s a unique way that can help you save at least some money on fuel expenses and that is exactly what this is offering. It daily hosts a quiz, consists of five questions about cars, driving and automotive.

Users who answer all the questions correctly get assured free petrol. Also if users maintain a daily streak of answering quizzes, they can increase their daily reward to up to 1000ml of free petrol for a week.

Every day you get a chance to answer quiz questions correctly and you can claim 50ml to 100ml of petrol free. It’s a simple and fast way to get some free fuel for your car without paying anything.

How to complete the quiz and all other details I have added below. Park plus quiz answers are updated daily on this page, so make sure to bookmark this page.

Rules Of Park+ Quiz

  • You will get 60 seconds to answer each question, if you exceed the time you will loose your score.
  • Answer correctly within the time limit to earn bigger rewards than ever.
  • Timer stops for none! try not to leave the screen while playing, otherwise you will miss today’s chance.
  • Come back daily and win extra free 500ml of petrol at the end of every week.
  • Build your streaks score, higher the streak score, bigger the rewards.
  • Use Park+ petrol and enjoy exciting rewards.

How To Play Park Plus Quiz?

1. First download the park+ app from the below given link.

2. Login or sign up with your mobile number and verify with OTP.

3. If you have car then verify your ownership and get up to 1ltr Park+ petrol for free.

4. After this, scroll down in home section, you will get daily quiz win petrol banner.

5. Click on it and complete today’s quiz.

6. Answer all five questions correctly with a given time period.

7. After completing the quiz, must claim your reward.

8. Done! You have claimed free 50 to 100ml of petrol from today’s quiz.

9. Take park plus quiz daily, it hardly takes a minute and collect petrol for free.

10. If you continue the quiz streak, the amount will increase daily.

How To Redeem Park+ Free Petrol?

You can redeem park plus free petrol as discount on Indian Oil vouchers. After reaching 5ltr you get a promo code of flat ₹500 discount in exchange of 5ltr petrol that you collected by playing quizzes.

Promo code is valid for one day, are single use and cannot be partially redeemed. So make sure to redeem it on the day you claim it.

Follow the below steps:

  • Take quiz daily and fill up the park+ petrol tank of 5 litres.
  • You will receive a promo code which is valid on Indian Oil vouchers.
  • So buy an Indian Oil voucher worth ₹2000.
  • You will get flat ₹500 off on ₹2000 Indian Oil voucher.
  • The voucher can be redeemed at any Indian Oil fuel station.
Free Park+ Petrol

Today's Park Plus Quiz Answers 23rd November

Q1. What is the correct name of the above car company?

Answer: Toyota

Q2. What is the correct name of the above car company?

Answer: Chevrolet

Q3. Which company does the above logo belong to?


Q4. Which company does the above logo belong to?

Answer: Ferrari

Q5. What is the correct name of the above car company?

Answer: Volkswagen

Today's Park Plus Quiz Answers 22nd November

Q1. Priyanka Chopra’s first car was a:

Answer: Mercedes

Q2. Which company makes an SUV model ‘Q5’?

Answer: Audi

Q3. Complete the movie title ‘Mere dad ki____.

Answer: Maruti

Q4. Whose tagline is “New Thinking, New Possibilities”?

Answer: Hyundai

Q5. Where is the main headquarters of Maruti Suzuki?

Answer: New Delhi

Quiz Answers For 21st November

Q1. Which car part  stores energy and helps start engine?

Answer: Battery

Q2. What does ATV stand for?

Answer: All-terrain vehicle

Q3. In which city headquarters of Kia located?

Answer: Seoul

Q4. What shape is the Ferrari logo?

Answer: Shield

Q5. Skoda is a car brand from which country?

Answer: Czech Republic

Quiz Answers For 20th November

1. Who won the world cup final of ICC 2023?

Answer: Australia

2. Who scored the most from Indian team in final match?

Answer: KL Rahul

3. Who scored the most runs from Australia?

Answer: Travis Head

4. How many runs did Indian team make in the final match?

Answer: 240

5. Who won the toss in the India Vs Australia final match?

Answer: Australia