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Jio Funzone Animals Trivia Quiz Answers Today 18th October

Funzone Trivia

MyJio Funzone Animals Trivia Quiz Answers Today 18th October 2021, MyJio Animals Funzone Trivia Quiz Answers Today: 17th October 2021

See Jio Animals Trivia 2nd October Quiz Answers given below. Jio Animals Trivia Jio Quiz questions are mostly based on General Knowledge.

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Answers 3 Jio Animals Trivia questions correctly to win today’s prize!

How to play MyJio Funzone Trivia Quiz?

1) Download MyJio App from the google play store on your smartphone.

2) Open the MyJio app on your smartphone.

3) Now slide the top bar and to Jio “Engage” Section.

4) Click on the “Funzone” icon given at the bottom bar.

5) Play the quiz. Answers are given below & win 50% off on your 1st Zomato order.

MyJio FunZone Trivia Animals Quiz Answers

MyJio FunZone Trivia Quiz Answers Today

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Q1) Which animal is called the ship of the desert? (Trivia)

Answer: Camel

Q2) Which of the following birds cannot fly? (Trivia)

Answer: Ostrich

Q3) How many legs do dogs have? (Trivia)

Answer: 4

Q4) Where are kangaroos found? (Trivia)

Answer: Australia

Q5) Which is the fastest land animal in the world? (Trivia)

Answer: Cheetah

Q6) What is the young one of the pig called? (Trivia)

Answer: Piglet

Q7) Which is the largest animal on the earth? (Trivia)

Answer: Blue Whale

MyJio Jumbled Quiz Answers

The theme for the day: Animals

1) Answer: Monkey

2) Answer: Penguin

3) Answer: Horse