[Latest] Intermiles Quiz A thon Answers today 26 August – 1 September 2021


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Intermiles Quiz-a-thon Answers today 26 August – 1 September 2021. answer 6 simple questions and win 50 intermiles every week.

Here we are sharing Intermiles Quiz Answers every week

Answer a minimum of 4 questions correctly and get 50 intermiles (or) Raffle ticket.

Note: Remember Questions are not the same for everyone.You might get different questions or shuffled ones.

Mostly they will ask from these 8 questions given below.

Intermiles Quiz-a-thon 26 August – 1 September 2021

1.Fiji’s two major islands are Viti Levu and..?

Answer : Vanua Levi

2.  How long did it take to build the Sydney Harbour Bridge?

Answer : Eight Years

3. In Africa, the ‘Big Five ‘ animals are the lion ,the leopard,the elephant,the rhino and the_____?

Answer : Bufallo

4. Where would you find the world’s largest stained-glass ceiling?

Answer : National Gallery of Victoria,Melbourne.

5. In which south-east asian city were chef anthony bourdain and former us president Obama famously filmed having dinner together??

Answer :Hanoi,Vietnam

6.A staple in Japanese food, what is dashi?

Answer : A stock

7.  What was Iran called before 1935?

Answer : Persia

8. The Remarkable Rocks and Admirals Arch can be found in which part of South Australia?

Answer : Kangaroo Island

Rules to follow

  • Remember, Guess What? can be played only once in this week
  • In Guess What?, you’ve to guess the answer based on cues and jumbled letters
  • Your chance to earn InterMiles is more when you answer all questions correct
  • Once you start, you will not be allowed to skip or go back to a previous question
  • If you cancel, you will not be able to win InterMiles or start a fresh round
  • You will get 90 seconds to complete this quiz

How to play intermiles quiz

  • Download intermiles app from Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and create an account.
  • Now on the bottom of the home screen, you can see Intermiles every day > scroll a little bit. Here you can see the quiz thon banner.