Revuto Listing Carnival: Win a Share of $50,000 in REVU!

Kucoin Revuto Quiz Answers

Kucoin Revuto Quiz Answers: Participate and win a share of a REVU prize pool worth $10,000. The first 250 qualifiers will evenly share $2,500 in REVU.

To celebrate Revuto being listed on KuCoin, they have launched a campaign to give away a REVU reward pool worth $50,000 to qualified KuCoin users.

Participate in Revuto Listing Carnival activities and win a share of $50,000 in REVU. In 3rd activity, Double Learning Pools: win a share of a REVU prize pool worth $10,000.

Users need to fill in all the correct answers to the questions and have a valid Kucoin account, follow Revuto on twitter, and add the REVU/USDT trading pair to their favorites list.

In pool 1, the first 250 qualifiers will evenly share $2,500 in REVU, and each user can win $10 in REVU. First come, first served!

Other qualifiers will get into a lucky draw. 400 lucky users will evenly share $2,500 in REVU, and each user can win $6.25 in REVU.

In pool 2, the qualifiers of Pool 1 who have a net buying volume (buys – sells – withdrawals) of 500 REVU or more will evenly share an extra REVU prize pool worth $5,000.

The campaign will run from 10:00:00 on January 6, 2022 to 10:00:00 on January 14, 2022 (UTC).

How To Participate In Kucoin Giveaway?

1) Visit the link given below and create your account on Kucoin.

2) Signup using email or phone number, enter password, referral code given below.

Kucoin Referral Code: rJ2JLX9

3) After creating your account complete your identity verification.

4) Now fill up the Quiz form. You can also find quiz link on our telegram channel.

5) Quiz answers are given below, scroll down the page.

6) Follow Revuto on twitter and add the REVU/USDT trading pair to the Favorites list.

Note: I have only mentioned about the Kucoin Revuto 3rd activity. For more info do visit Kucoin.

Kucoin Revuto Quiz Answers: Win $10 REVU

NoteThese answers are just for your reference purpose only !!

Q1) What is Revuto? 

Answer: Both

Q2) What is REVU?

Answer: Revuto’s utility token

Q3) R fund is a $2M crypto fund dedicated to

Answer: Supporting projects building on Cardano

Q4) At the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, Revuto was named:

Answer: Fastest Growing Consumer Product in Crypto for 2021

Q5) Revuto offers you the option to;

Answer: Control subcriptions, pay subs. with crypto or fiat, earn cashback, stake REVUs, micro-lend and borrow

Q6) Revuto was the first 

Answer: ICO, native token and native mobile wallet on Cardano

Q7) Main options in Revuto app to help you control your subscriptions are

Answer: Block, Snooze and Approve

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