Kucoin Quiz Answers: The Margin Education Bonus Program

Kucoin Quiz Answers The Margin Education Bonus Program


KuCoin Margin has launched the Margin Education Bonus Program. Kucoin Quiz Answers are given below.

Join the Margin Education Bonus Program: Complete the Kucoin Quiz to Share a 15,000 USDT Worth of Prize Pool.

Join the Margin Knowledge Training Club, get educational subsidies, enjoy a trading prize pool, and get airdrop rewards for sharing their results.

Activity Period: From 12:00:00 on September 9, 2021 to 12:00:00 on September 16, 2021 (UTC).

Users who participate in any of the Margin courses quizzes during the specified period will be regarded as eligible participants.

Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days of the campaign’s ending.

How To Participate In KUCOIN Quiz?

1) First of all login or SignUp on Kucoin. Link is given below.

Kucoin Referral Code: rJ2JLX9

2) Click on the link given below to visit the Kucoin quiz page.

3) Participate in the quiz and give correct answers. All answers are given below.

Theme: Chapter 4: Advanced Profit of Margin

Completion Date: September 15-16, 2021 (UTC)

Courses: Become an advanced Margin trader

Subsidy Prize Pool (USDT): Equally share 2,500

Kucoin Quiz Answers: [Theme] Advanced Profit Of Margin

Q 1) Which of the following is correct about “Repay Loans”?

Answer: Option B & Option D

B. Cross-currency repay is not allowed (for example, if the borrowed coin is USDT, you can only repay with USDT).

D. When the loan is about to expire, the system will automatically borrow the same amount of the corresponding debt assets to continue the debt. If the automatic renewal fails, part or all of the position will be liquidated to return the borrowed tokens.

Q 2) In order to control the debt ratio, new users can control the debt ratio in the low-risk area. What is the low-risk area?

Answer: Option B

B. Debt ratio is less than 60%

Q 3) Tom wants to take profit when BTC rises to 52,000 USDT and stop loss when BTC falls to 48,000 USDT. How should he set profit and stop loss at the same time?

Answer: Option A

A. Set up a stop-limit order; the trigger price and execution price are both 52,000 USDT; at the same time, set up another stop-limit order, the trigger price and execution price are both 48,000 USDT

Q 4) Which of the following statements about interest-free coupons are correct?

Answer: All 3 Options

A. The trade and repay process are the same for both the coupons and the Margin market.

B. The 0 or low-interest coupons are randomly sent out by the KuCoin Margin Bonus Team, and not all users can receive them.

C. The coins borrowed from the coupons always offer 0 interest or low interest; When we borrow coins from the Margin lending market, the interest rate will fluctuate depending on the market and lenders.