Kucoin MOBOX Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $10

Kucoin MOBOX Quiz Answers

Kucoin MOBOX Quiz Answers: Participate in Kucoin learn and earn MOBOX quiz and get a chance to win a share of a MBOX prize pool worth $5,000, approximately $16,500.

To celebrate MOBOX (MBOX) being listed on KuCoin, they will be launching a campaign to give away a prize pool of 80,000 MBOX, approximately $88,000 to qualified Kucoin users.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on Kucoin. If you don’t have then create one from the below given registration link and complete your KYC verification.

During the campaign period, users who complete the tasks of answering all the quiz questions correctly and following the official MBOX Twitter page will be eligible for the rewards.

The first 500 lucky users from all the qualified users will be selected and each will receive $10 worth of MBOX tokens from a prize pool of $5,000 MBOX tokens.

In this post, you will generally find the Kucoin learn and earn MBOX quiz answers. The campaign will run from 10:00 on May 19, 2022 to 10:00 on May 26, 2022 (UTC).

How To Participate In Kucoin Learn & Earn Quiz?

1) Tap on the link given below and signup/login to your Kucoin account.

2) Complete the Quiz with all the correct answers.

3) Follow the official MOBOX Twitter account page.

4) Activity period: 19th May 2022, 10:00 to 26th May 2022, 10:00 (UTC).

5) You can also complete a trading amount of 20 MBOX to be eligible for prize pool 3.

All qualified users can enjoy the following three prize pools :

Pool 1: The first 500 qualified users will equally share 5,000 MBOX. Each user will get 10 MBOX.

Pool 2: Other qualified users, other than the winners of Pool 1, will equally share 5,000 MBOX.

Pool 3: All the qualified users who have a trading amount of 20 MBOX or more will equally share 5,000 MBOX.

* Pool 3 is available for winners of Pool 1 and Pool 2.

Kucoin Learn & Earn MBOX Quiz Answers

Recheck the answers before submitting the quiz, these answers are just for the reference purpose only

Q1) MOBOX is a gaming platform that combines…

Answer: Optimized DeFi yield farming and gaming NFTs to create a GameFi metaverse — the MOMOverse

Q2) What is the in-game currency?

Answer: MBOX

Q3) How can the MOBOX Metaverse – MOMOverse be accessed?

Answer: All of the Above

Q4) Finish this sentence: MOBOX Avatar’s are a virtual representation of you used in the …

Answer: MOMOverse

Q5) What is the name of the MOBOX Metaverse?

Answer: MOMOverse

Q6) The METAfund Launchpad is meant to accelerate the __ Growth?  

Answer: Metaverse