Kucoin Celo Dollar Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn

Kucoin Celo Dollar Quiz Answers: Kucoin Learn and Earn campaign

Kucoin has launched a learn and earn campaign to give away a reward pool of 10,000 cUSD to qualified KuCoin users.

The campaign will run from 10:00:00 on October 15, 2021, to 10:00:00 on October 22, 2021 (UTC).

There are two activities that need to be completed during this campaign, one is to trade the cUSDT/USDT and cUSD/BTC trading pairs and the other is Learn & Earn activity.

Kucoin Celo Dollar Quiz Answers Learn & Earn

1) To play the Kucoin quiz, login or sign up on Kucoin, the link is given below. Don’t forget to add our referral code given below.

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2) You can find Kucoin Celo Dollar quiz link on our telegram channel.

3) Scroll down the page, Celo Dollar quiz answers are given below.

Celo Dollar Learn & Earn Quiz Answers

1. What’s your KuCoin UID? (8 numbers) *

Answer: submit your KuCoin UID number

Q2)  Transaction fees on the Celo blockchain are a fraction of a dollar cent, regardless of the value/amount you sent. When transferring cUSD to someone, you can pay your fees with____. *

Answer: stable cryptocurrencies

Q3) For non-custodial wallets, the Valora app users can receive up to _____% rewards on their cUSD holding. *

Answer: 50%

Q4) What is the second Celo stable asset that was launched this year? *

Answer: Celo Euro (cEUR)

Q5) Celo has just partnered with many leading DeFi platforms to bring DeFi to all smartphone users. What is this initiative called? (Tips: Google it!) *

Answer: DeFi for the People

Q6)  Have you retweeted the KuCoin and Celo campaign announcement on Twitter? (add a link later) If yes, please upload a screenshot.

Answer: share your retweeted proof .

Learn & Earn Crypto Quiz Answers: