[Latest] Intermiles Quiz A thon Answers today 19 August – 25 August 2021


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Intermiles Quiz-a-thon Answers today 19 August – 25 August 2021. answer 6 simple questions and win 50 intermiles every week.

Here we are sharing Intermiles Quiz Answers every week

Answer a minimum of 4 questions correctly and get 50 intermiles (or) Raffle ticket.

Note: Remember Questions are not the same for everyone.You might get different questions or shuffled ones.

Mostly they will ask from these 8 questions given below.

Intermiles Quiz A thon Answers today 19 August– 25 August 2021

1.This Spanish classic is always served in pan what is it called?

Answer : paella

2.  These elongated, crispy, crunchy, cinnamon sugar sprinkled twists are most eaten in Spain, accompanied by a cup of hot chocolate. What are they?

Answer : Churros

3. _____ is a traditional Japanese soy-based soup made from a stock called ‘dashi’. The soup is made up of a combination of rice, salt, water, seaweed or tofu and fermented soybeans. What is it?

Answer : Miso soup

4. These small, round, sweet meringue-based cookie sandwiches are very popular in Paris. What are they called?

Answer : macaron

5. The world-famous buttery delicacy dates back all the way to the Aztec empire of the 1500s, is accompanied by corn chips or nachos and is also used as a side dish or a dip. What is it?

Answer : Guacamole

6. — a simple Mexican snack consisting of flour or corn tortilla filled with cheese that melts well. It is commonly folded in half and consumed. its name in Spanish literally means little cheesy thing

Answer : quesadilla

7. It’s one of Switzerland national dishes and a melting pot of flavours and armos. Its name comes from the French word that means to melt what is it?

Answer : Fondue

8. The recent invention —– it is a coffee-soaked ladyfinger layered with mascarpone cream, it enjoys an iconic status among Italian deserts what is it?

Answer : Tiramisu

Rules to follow

  • Remember, Guess What? can be played only once in this week
  • In Guess What?, you’ve to guess the answer based on cues and jumbled letters
  • Your chance to earn InterMiles is more when you answer all questions correct
  • Once you start, you will not be allowed to skip or go back to a previous question
  • If you cancel, you will not be able to win InterMiles or start a fresh round
  • You will get 90 seconds to complete this quiz

How to play intermiles quiz

  • Download intermiles app from Google Play Store.
  • Open the app and create an account.
  • Now on the bottom of the home screen, you can see Intermiles every day > scroll a little bit. Here you can see the quiz thon banner.