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Growfitter App Refer & Earn Exciting Rewards

growfitter app referral code

Growfitter Referral Code RINKDA85: Refer & Earn exciting rewards like Amazon pay gift card, Myntra voucher, Disney subscription, Google Home mini, etc.

It enables you to track your daily fitness workouts and earn active days against completion of daily fitness activities like walking, running, cycling, yoga, etc.

Growfitter offers rewards like Movie tickets, Flight ticket vouchers, Protein shakers, Headphones, Bluetooth speakers, Fitness bands, AirPods, iPhone, and many more.

You can earn rewards in two different ways. One way is through completing the fitness goal and earning Growfitter Active Days.

Another way is through Growfitter Referral Points where members get access to the premium rewards, by subscribing to Growfitter Premium membership.

Growfitter Refer & Earn Program: For every person that you refer to Growfitter who registers, you earn 20 Growfitter points.

Points can then be exchanged to claim rewards from the top brands. Growfitter app download link given below, download the app and start referring your friends.

Signup On Growfitter & Earn Referral Points

1) Download Growfitter app from the link given below to get Growfitter points.

2) Create your Growfitter new account by clicking on Sign up.

Growfitter Referral Code RINKDA85

3) Read the details if you want to read and click on Start now.

Growfitter App Referral Code

4) Click on Sign up with mobile number and enter the details.

Growfitter App Download Link

5) Enter your Mobile number, First and Last name, Email, Password, and Click on Have a Referral Code? option.

6) Enter the growfitter referral code given below to get growfitter points.

Referral Code: RINKDA85

7) Click on Allow option for your Google Fit to improve tracking of your activities.

Growfitter app referral code

8) Click on the Activity section from the bottom menu and Select any one activity of your choice and start completing it.

Note: If you select walking then put your mobile in your pocket & walk for 30 minutes and if you select Health Quiz then complete it by giving correct answers for 7 questions.

Growfitter app refer and earn

9) On completing any one of the activity you will get rewards like Growfitter points. You can redeem your points anytime.

Growfitter app refer and earn

10) Click on Rewards, there you can earn many different rewards for doing activities. 

11) Invite your friends to Growfitter app and earn more Growfitter points or exclusive rewards.

Growfitter app refer and earn rewards