Flipkart Roadster Challenge Quiz Answers

Flipkart Roadster Challenge Answers win free supercoins

Earn Free 5 Supercoins: Flipkart Roadster Challenge 

Flipkart Roadster Challenge: complete the challenge and get assured Supercoins as rewards.

Complete the tasks given for Flipkart Roadster Challenge and earn free supercoins within seconds.

Flipkart has Launched ₹1 Deals which you can purchase with SuperCoins.

Flipkart Super Coins is a unique reward program by Flipkart. SuperCoins is the first of its kind rewards system as part of the Flipkart Plus program.

Users of Flipkart can earn free supercoins by just playing the video quiz and by giving all answers correctly.

One can also earn free supercoins by placing orders on their website. For every purchase made on Flipkart one is rewarded with supercoins.

Super Coins are awarded to both regular and Flipkart Plus customers, however, the latter gets double SuperCoins compared to regular customers.

One Flipkart Super Coin is equal to one rupee Rs.1. Free Super Coins can be earned by playing the Flipkart video quiz or by placing orders on Flipkart.

How to play Flipkart Roadster challenge?

1) Download the Flipkart app by clicking on the link given below.

2) Open the Flipkart app and go to Supercoin Section given at the bottom bar.

Flipkart Roadster Challenge

3) Now click on Earn Coins tab.

4) Scroll down to see the Flipkart Roadster Challenge Banner.

Flipkart Roadster Challenge Answers win free supercoins

5) Click on Tap to Participate.

6) Complete all 2 tasks given: Wishlist your favorite styles from the roadster then add them to the cart.

7) You will receive 5 Free Supercoins rewards in your Supercoin wallet.

What is Flipkart Challenge?

Flipkart Challenges is a way to win rewards on Flipkart. All you need to do is complete certain tasks on the Flipkart app.

At the end of each task that you complete, you will stand a chance to win a reward in the form of a discount offer or Supercoins.

Whoever completes all 3/4/5 tasks will win a mega reward (which can be an offer or some number of SuperCoins).

Each challenge will have its ending date mentioned on the earn zone.