Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers

Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers Today: New Flipkart video quiz. Earn free supercoins & free exclusive products from Funtastic quiz.

The Flipkart Funtastic Preethi quiz is a video-type quiz that features four categories and a total of 5 attempts for all the questions.

Currently, Flipkart features Luminous, Preethi, Prestige, Bajaj, MSI Gaming, Pigeon, Havells, Oppo, Philips, Coocaa, Cricket, Current Affairs, Bollywood, and History categories with 5 questions for a chance to win Flipkart Supercoins.

Players need to make sure that each attempt is successful and if you fail to answer the question or miss it by chance, come back tomorrow and answer it again. 

Funtastic quiz is hosted by Manish Paul and features other actors from the Flipkart Video section.

In each category, users stand a chance to win Flipkart Supercoins and other exciting prizes.

Users can check the rewards for each day by tapping on the “Trophy” icon inside the quiz. 

How to play Flipkart Funtastic Quiz?

1) Download and install the Flipkart app on your smartphone. 

2) log in to your Flipkart account or create one using your mobile number/email ID. 

3) Now, from the app navigation, go to the Video section. 

4) Tap on the Funtastic Quiz banner to participate in the quiz. 

5) Answer all the questions in five attempts to be eligible for the prize. 

Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers

Flipkart Funtastic Quiz Answers Today

Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers: Stage-1

(Note: Questions may be randomly asked)

Q1: Name the innovation done by Preethi kitchen appliances

Answer: All of the above

Q2: Name the categories that 43-year-old brand Preethi kitchen appliances sell in India?

Answer: 14

Q3: Can any company provide long life free service?

Answer: Yes

Q4: Preethi Kitchen solutions brand product is sold every….

Answer: 12 seconds

Q5: Number of service centers owned and completely operated by Preethi Kitchen Appliances?

Answer: 99

Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers: Stage-2

(Note: Questions may be randomly asked)

Q1: What advantage does 750 W Mixer Grinder have?

Answer: Tougher Grinding 

Q2: In the mixer grinder category, Preethi Kitchen appliances rank with respect to market share?

Answer: Rank 1 in India

Q3: When was the Preethi brand founded?

Answer: 1978

Q4: Where are Preethi Mixer Grinder manufactured?

Answer: India

Q5: In which City does Preethi Kitchen Appliances have its Head office?

Answer: Chennai 

Flipkart Funtastic Preethi Quiz Answers: Stage-3

(Note: Questions may be randomly asked)

Q1: Can a mixer grinder dice faster than any human?

Answer: Yes

Q2: How many tons of batter were made using Preethi Galaxy mixer grinder?

Answer: 0.5

Q3: Name the first brand that could enable one device to mix, grind, chop, blend, slice, grate, mince, knead, juice and dice?

Answer: Preethi Zodiac Mixer Grinder

Q4: Preethi Zodiac achieved the world record for the tallest cupcake tower ever made. How many cupcakes were made?

Answer: 18818 cupcakes

Q5: What is the capacity of the Wet Grinding jar in Preethi Steel Max MG 212 Mixer Grinder?

Answer: 1.5L

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