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Flipkart Kaun Who Did It? Quiz Season 2 All Answers:

No need to watch the entire video just skip 10 sec at a time continuously till the next question time appears. Mark the answer and check your reward ( enter captcha if required )

S2 E1: Blast from the past Answers

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 18:00)

Answer: Shiv S

S2 E2: Chanchalam Hee Manah Answers

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 13:21)

Answer: Snehal B

S2 E3: A Deadly Forecast Answers 

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 16:00)

Answer: Milind J (Option B)

S2 E4: Body in the Empty House Answers 

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 14:45)

Answer: Sanjana R (Option B)

S2 E5: 4 Witnesses 0 Suspect House Answers 

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 15:20)

Answer: Hemant L (Option C)

S2 E6: The Murder at Sangeet Answers 

Question: Who is the killer? (Question Time: 14:40)

Answer: Krishna A (Option C)

S2 E7:The Bomb Scare Answers 

Question: Where is the Bomb? (Question Time: 13:13)

Answer: Choc.Factory (Option C)

S2 E8: Political Conspiracy Answers 

Question: Who’s the Kidnapper? (Question Time:14:25)

Answer: Ashrith V (Option A)

S2 E9: Kidnapping of the Rich Kid Answers 

Question: Who’s the Kidnapper? (Question Time:14:30)

Answer: Piu B (Option D)

S2 E10: Death in the Vanity Answers 

Question: Who’s is the Killer? (Question Time:14:15)

Answer: Vaidehi D (Option C)

S2 E11: The Neelkamal Robbery Answers 

Question: Who’s the Culprit? (Question Time:12:40)

Answer: Pragya S (Option C)

S2 E12: The Museum Theft Answers 

Question: Who’s the Culprit? (Question Time:14:40)

Answer: Priyanshu (Option A)

S2 E13: Ek Dayan Ki Maut Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:18:00)

Answer: Abhisha S (Option B)

S2 E14: The Money Heist Answers 

Question: Who’s the Culprit? (Question Time:14:05)

Answer: All (Option 6)

S2 E15: Murder Lunch Party Answers 

Question: Who’s the killer? (Question Time:13:40)

Answer: Achin (Option A)

S2 E16: Death of a Comic Answers 

Question: Who’s the killer? (Question Time:14:15)

Answer: Rocky (Option C)

S2 E17: The Cyanide Clown Answers 

Question: Which object is non-toxic? (Question Time:10:05)

Answer: MilkShake (Option B)

S2 E18: Death of a Soldier Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:14:30)

Answer: Bhuliya (Option A)

S2 E19: The High Stakes Murder Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:13:50)

Answer: Aahana B (Option C)

S2 E20: Killed for Money Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:15:25)

Answer: Xavier D (Option A)

S2 E21: Death of Travellers Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:13:40)

Answer: Tripti S (Option B)

S2 E22: Murder of a Film Star Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:14:40)

Answer: Prachi K (Option B)

S2 E23: Suicide or Murder Answers 

Question: Who’s the Killer? (Question Time:14:50)

Answer: Rahul P (Option B)

S2 E24: Bombay Bomber Answers 

Question: Password to difuse the Bomb? (Question Time:15:00)

Answer: Ananta (Option D)