Flipkart BBD Home Challenge: Earn Free 8 Super Coins

Flipkart BBD Home Challenge

Flipkart BBD Home Challenge Quiz Answers: Complete the new Flipkart BBD Home challenge and get free 8 super coins. This new challenge may be account specific.

Complete the tasks given for the Flipkart BBD Home challenge and earn assured super coins for free. Flipkart launched ₹1 deals earlier, you can purchase with super coins.

Flipkart super coins is a unique reward program by Flipkart. Super coins are the first of its kind rewards system as part of the Flipkart Plus program.

Users of Flipkart can earn free super coins by just playing the games. You can also earn super coins every time when you place an order on the Flipkart pp.

One can also earn free super coins by placing orders on their website. For every purchase made on Flipkart one is rewarded with super coins. 1 super coin is equal to ₹1.

How To Earn Free Fliplart SuperCoins?

1) Tap on the link given below and download or update the Flipkart app.

2) Open the app, log in to your account and tap on the ‘supercoin’ section.

3) Go to ‘earn coin’ and tap on the challenges icon given at the top of the screen.

Flipkart Challenge Win Supercoin

4) There you will get all Flipkart live challenges. Tap on ‘BBD lifestyle‘ challenge.

** This new Flipkart BB Home challenge may be account specific.

Flipkart BBD Home Challenge

5) Complete all the given tasks one by one and get free 8 super coins instantly.

Task1: Help Dhoni furnish his house! Visit the page and earn coins.

Task2: Help Amitabh pick out some classy decor. Add to Cart and claim your voucher!

Task3: Help Alia set up her apartment. Wishlist 2 items and earn coins.

About Flipkart Challenge

Flipkart Challenges is a way to win rewards on Flipkart. All you need to do is complete certain tasks on the Flipkart app.

At the end of each task that you complete, you will stand a chance to win a reward in the form of a discount offer or super coins.

Whoever completes all 3/4/5 tasks will win a mega reward, which can be an offer or some number of SuperCoins.

Each challenge will have its ending date mentioned on the earn zone.