Collegedunia Review Offer| Submit Your College Review and win up to Rs 200

How to win  Rs 200 cash  for Reviews on Collegedunia ?

  • first click the given link to visit the collegedunia site


1.Submit Review

Give an amazing review of your institution detailed with facts & help others in deciding the right college. Remember You’re a part of critical decision making.

2.Claim Reward

Every published review will be rewarded between Rs. 50-200 within 14 days. Write something extraordinary.

3.Refer & Earn

Ask your friend to write a review and for every approved review you will get Rs. 20. Get your referral code from your collegedunia account.

Terms & Guidelines


Collegedunia collects reviews from the students who have attended any university, colleges, institutes or coaching classes. The reviews submitted on the portal should be able to guide prospective students in making an informed decision about the right career path for themselves. The review program assesses the submitted entry for quality, relevance, intricacy and rarity. The Rewards are released based on the ability of the review to satisfy the query of the prospective students with relevant factual data. Here are the quality guidelines for the same.

Quality Guidelines

1.Uniqueness-The review must be unique & free from plagiarism. Although, data and facts can be sourced. It is a good practice to mention the source if an opinion or fact is not self validated. A good validated review will also lead to better reward.

2.Demeanor & Tone-The review must not contain the use of any foul language. It should not be generic and must provide understandable a factual information to help in the decision-making of the prospective students.

3.Relevance – The facts and segments of information mentioned in the review must be relevant for the students looking to learn more about the institution. So, your friendship tales may not find a place but you can always mention how good the campus life was.

4.Facts & Data – Always mention the facts and figures which are accurate as per your knowledge. For Ex. While mentioning the fees, make sure that the amount mentioned is the fees per year. Data should always suffice the narrative.

Rewards & Milestones

Process to get the Reward:

1.Submit a Review – Give a detailed and factual review of your institution & help the future prospects in deciding the right college. Remember You’re a part of critical decision-making process. A reviewer, who has attended multiple institutions, can write a review for all those institutions.

2.Claim your Reward – Every published review will be rewarded between Rs. 50-200 within 14 days. Provide sought-after and lesser-known information about your college and get a quality score which will decide the amount of reward. Higher the score, higher the reward!

3.Refer & Earn – Refer your friends to submit a review about their institution and for every approved and published review, you will get Rs. 20. Get your referral code from your Collegedunia account.

4.Milestones – On every milestone the referrer will earn a fixed reward which can be redeemed once the review is approved and submitted.

Policy for the rewards

  1. Condition – The rewards are only for approved reviews and the amount of reward depends upon the quality score. Every approved review will get a quality score which will be added up with other factors like college and course for which the review is being submitted, the uniqueness of data etc. For ex. a review for MBA will bring more reward than a review for B.Tech. The priority of courses is dynamic and keeps changing as per the trend of reviews submitted in the given period of time. Any fraudulent practice to collect review reward via bots or copying will be invite cancellation of all reward points leading to legal measures.

2. Time Line– The release of reward may take between 3-14 working day depending upon volume of the reviews being collected in a given period. Reviewers can check their Collegedunia account for update

Deletion of the Review

  • Removal Request – A review submitted can only be deleted by the reviewer itself and no delegation is allowed to exercise this request. Request to delete the review will be process within 14 days working days. Reviewers can make their review anonymous, to protect their identity. This option is available in the user profile.