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BSC Learn & Earn Round 4 (Solved Quiz Answers ) Win tokens and unique NFTs

BSC Learn And Earn First Round 4 Twitter Campaign

BSC Learn And Earn First Round 4 Twitter Campaign

This campaign starts on Aug 23 and ends on Aug 29.

Twitter Campaign

To enter:

  • Follow @BinanceChain on Twitter
  • Quote tweet the original Learn & Earn announcement tweet, tag 2 friends, and tag #BscLearnAndEarn
  • Once done, go to BSC Telegram and fill in the form you’ll find in the pinned message.
  • Or You can find the form here VISIT FORM PAGE

Please note that if you don’t fill in the form, we won’t be able to reward you in case of winning.


  • 10 #BSCLearnAndEarn NFTs and a chance to share $1,000 prize pool

This campaign starts on Aug 23 and ends on Aug 29.

Main Campaign

The duration of this campaign is 1 week and it will end with a final quiz. The quiz will consist of multiple questions ranging from easy to difficult. At the end of the campaign, we will pick 150 winners with the highest score who will win $20 in tokens each.

To enter:

  1. Follow @BinanceChain on Twitter
  2. Follow AlpacaFaralandWaulf FinanceYooshi
  3. Join BSC on Telegram and participate in the final quiz that will be posted on Aug 25th in our Telegram channel.


  • 150 winners receive $20 worth of tokens
  • 15 #BscLearnAndEarn NFTs and a chance to share $1,000 prize pool

BSC Learn & Earn 4 (Solved Quiz Answers ) Win tokens and unique NFTs


Section 1-Starter

1.Which token must you lock to participate in Wault Launchpad?

Answer: WAULTx

2.How many tokens are there in the Wault Finance ecosystem?


3.$FARA can be used for, but not limited to:

Answer:All of the above

4.What’s the maximum leverage you can open a farming position on Alpaca?


5.How many kinds of languages does YooShi official website support?


6.What’s the name of YooShi NFT wallet?

Answer:YooShi Wallet

7.As a leveraged yield farmer on Alpaca Finance, what are your sources of yield?

Answer:ALPACA incentive rewards for opnening leveraged positions

8.Which races are included in the N Mystery Boxes on Binance Marketplace event on August 17th? (Faraland)

Answer:Human, Orc, Fairy & Elf

For more Information you can visit Official Page

Secret Bonus Campaigns – Win tokens, launchpad quota, and NFTs

As a surprise for the Learn & Earn campaign, Alpaca, Faraland, Wault Finance, and Yooshi also prepared a secret bonus campaigns that will be announced on Aug 25 on BSC Telegram. In this campaign, you’ll have a chance to win a share of $2,000 in tokens, launchpad quota and rare NFTs

To make sure you don’t miss the secret bonus campaign announcement, join BSC on Telegram.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only users who met all the criteria will be eligible to participate in the competition.
  • By participating, the user acknowledges that the token winnings are allocated randomly.
  • Each competition is limited to one participation per individual.
  • Main campaign rewards are distributed based on the highest score achieved in the final quiz. If there are more than 150 participants with a full score on the quiz, the rewards will be distributed to 150 random highest scoring winners.
  • Token rewards are distributed by respective projects and will be deposited to the winner’s BEP20-compatible address provided in the form/quiz within seven days after the competition ends, no later than Sep 7th.
  • @BinanceChain reserves the right to disqualify users with suspicious activity or duplicate entries.
  • @BinanceChain reserves the right to cancel or amend the Promotion or Promotion Rules at our sole discretion.