Binance Learn And Earn Round 5 Quiz Answers

(BSC) Binance Learn And Earn Round 5 Quiz Answers are updated. Participate & win $20 worth of tokens and NFTs.

Binance has launched the fifth round of the Learn & Earn Quiz in which you’ll get a chance to learn more about five popular projects building on Binance Smart Chain and earn a share of over $24,000, and rare NFTs in prizes.

In the fifth round of BSC Learn & Earn, learn about Juggernaut, Moonpot, Powerpool, Dragonary, Kyber and grab a chance to win win $20 worth of tokens and NFTs.

The campaign started on September 22 and will end on September 26 2021. The duration of this campaign is 1 week.

The quiz will consist of multiple questions ranging from easy to difficult.  At the end of the campaign, 200 winners with the highest score will win $20 in tokens each.

Prizes: 200 winners receive $20 worth of tokens & 15 #BscLearnAndEarn NFTs and a chance to share $1,000 prize pool

How to participate in Binance Learn and Earn campaign? 

1) First of all login or SignUp on to Binance, click on the link given below.

2) Follow @BinanceChain on Twitter.

3) Follow @JGNDeFi, @moonpotdotcom, @powerpoolcvp, @DragonaryGame, and @KyberNetwork.

4) Learn about the five selected BSC projects from the materials below, check out their websites, and try their products.

5) Join BSC on Telegram and participate in the final quiz that will be posted on September 22 on our Telegram channel.

6) Participate in BSC Learn & Earn Round 5: Quiz Page Link, Answers are given below.

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BSC Learn & Earn Round 5 Quiz Answers

Binance Learn And Earn Round 5 Quiz Answers


Q1) What is the KyberDMM protocol? 

Answer: KyberDMM is DeFi’s 1st Multi-Chain Dynamic Market Maker – a next-gen liquidity protocol designed to maximize the use of capital for liquidity providers with its excellent capital efficiency and dynamic fees for optimised returns. KyberDMM is one of the protocols in Kyber Network’s liquidity hub

Q2) What does PowerPool do?

Answer: PowerPool creates index-like and yield products with automatic rewards

Q3) What is Kyber Network?

Answer: Kyber Network is a DeFi liquidity hub that connects liquidity from various sources (e.g. KyberDMM protocol) to provide the best rates for DeFi Dapps, DEX aggregators and traders

Q4) When did Diamond JGN launch?

Answer: August 5th

Q5) When was the game (Dragonary) first released to the public?

Answer: August 7

Q6) What is the name of Juggernaut’s NFT Exchange?*

Answer: JuggerWORLD

Q7) What was the first Moonpot?*

Answer: CAKE Pot

Q8) What’s the name of Moonpot’s lead astronaut?

Answer: Ziggy

Q9) What is the minimum requirement for Play in ARENA mode?

Answer: 5 Rare

Q10) What is the main advantage of PowerPool in comparison with other index-like projects?

Answer: All of the above


Q1) What are the key features of the KyberDMM protocol?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) What can be decided by voting in PowerPool?

Answer: Everything — it is completely community-driven project

Q3) How much does it cost to mint an NFT on Juggernaut’s NFT Exchange?

Answer: The minting is free. The user only needs to cover for the transaction fee

Q4) Which elements are considered DPS? (Dragonary)

Answer: Fire + Electric + Ice

Q5) Which elements are considered Healers? (Dragonary)

Answer: Air + Water

Q6) What percentage of each Pot’s revenue goes to the Ziggy’s Pot prize draw?

Answer: 10%

Q7) KyberDMM is enhancing liquidity for DeFi on which chain/network(s)?

Answer: Avalanche, Polygon & Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain

Q8) For how long has been Juggernaut part of Binance Smart Chain?

Answer: 9 months

Q9) How often is the Ziggy’s Pot prize draw?

Answer: Once every 4 weeks

Q10) What is the newest launched product of PowerPool?

Answer: BSCDEFI — BSC Ecosystem Index with DeFi bluechips


Q1) What is dJGN?

Answer: dJGN is a membership certificate that can be traded on decentralized exchanges

Q2) KyberDMM has been audited by which project and insured up to how much in USD?

Answer: Audited by ChainSecurity, insured up to $20 Million by Unslashed Finance

Q3) How much CYT cost to fuse 5 Epic dragons to get 1 Legendary dragon? (Dragonary)

Answer: 2000

Q4) What are embers for? (Dragonary)

Answer: Breeding dragons

Q5) How many $POTS were reserved for the ImmuneFi bug bounty?

Answer: 50,000

Q6) How do you join the $4 Million ‘Rainmaker’ Liquidity Mining campaign on BSC? (Kyber)

Answer: On KyberDMM: Add Liquidity on eligible pools, Stake LP tokens, and Claim KNC Rewards!

Q7) What are the main features of the upcoming JGN Metaverse game? 

Answer: Collect and fight

Q8) What’s the Fairness Fee for Moonpot winners?

Answer: 5%

Q9) What are the functions of the CVP, PowerPool native token?

Answer: A+B+C

Q10) What is PowerAgent’s role?

Answer: A+C