BitMart PEN Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $5 Worth PEN Tokens

BitMart PEN Quiz Answers

BitMart PEN Quiz Answers – Participate in the BitMart learn to earn PEN quiz, answer all quiz questions correctly and stand a chance to win 40 PEN tokens worth approx $5.

To participate in this campaign, you must have an account on BitMart. If you don’t have then create one from the registration or signup link given below using your valid credentials.

 To celebrate the listing of Protocon ($PEN) on BitMart, there is a giveaway of 40128 PEN approximately worth $5000 to the lucky participant of the learn and earn quiz.

During the campaign period, users who complete the Learn to Earn PEN Quiz by answering all questions correctly will be eligible to win 40 PEN tokens worth approximately $5.

In this post, you can find the BitMart learn & earn PEN quiz answers. After the event ended, randomly selected 1000 winners who completed the quiz form will win $5 PEN tokens each.

Take Bitmart Learn To Earn PEN Quiz & Win $5

1) Tap on the link given below and signup or login to your BitMart account.

2) Take the quiz and submit the answers, BitMart account email, and Twitter account.

3) Follow @BitMartExchange & @protoconpen on Twitter, Retweet and tag 3 friends.

4) 1000 randomly selected lucky winners will equally share the $5000 PEN prize pool.

5) Each eligible participant will get 40 PEN each worth approx. $5.

6) Activity period – Valid till 15th August 2022, 11:59 PM (EDT).

BitMart Learn To Earn PEN Quiz Answers

Do your research and recheck the answers before submitting the quiz. These answers are for reference purposes only

Q1) The slogan of Protocon is ‘Open Protocol Economy is here’.

Answer: False

Q2) The official name of Protocon’s consensus protocol is ISAAC+.

Answer: True

Q3) Protocon is a compound word of Programmer and Control.

Answer: False

Q4) The Protocon mainnet is called Mitum.

Answer: True

Q5) PAN is the native token used by the Protocon network.

Answer: False

Q6) FeeFi, proposed by Protocon as a solution to the fee problem, is an abbreviation for Fee Financing.

Answer: True

Q7) Users have to buy a mainnet token to pay fees in FeeFi.

Answer: False

Q8) “Model” in Protocon Network only supports a development of token exchange service.

Answer: False

Q9) Protocon’s Yellow paper ver 2. is about Fact Hash and Crosschain Bridge.

Answer: True

Q10) Protocon token (PEN) has not yet been listed in more than one global exchange.

Answer: False