Binance SOL (Solana) Quiz Answers: Learn And Trade SOL

Binance SOL (Solana) Quiz Answers: (BSC) Binance Learn and Trade SOL quiz answers updated. Participate & share a prize pool of $100,000 in USDC token vouchers. 

Binance has launched Learn & Trade Campaign: Learn & Trade SOL: $200,000 Rewards Up for Grabs!

Users who trade 20 SOL or more across the eligible SOL spot trading pairs (including both buys & sells) and take the quiz, will share a prize pool of $100,000 in USDC token vouchers.

Rewards will be distributed based on the total number of correctly answered questions as a proportion of all correctly answered questions by all qualified users.

The campaign will start on 13th October 2021 at 00:00 AM and will end on 19th October at 11:59 PM (UTC).

Binance Learn and Earn SOL quiz answers are given below scroll down to see the answers.

How to participate in Binance Learn and Earn campaign? 

1) First step is to Register on Binance, click on the link given below to register.

2) Take the Learn & Earn SOL Quiz. You can find Quiz Link on our Telegram Channel.

3) Binanace SOL (Solana) Quiz answers are given below. Scroll down to see the answers.

Binance Learn and Earn SOL Quiz Answers

Binance SOL Quiz Answers

Campaign period: 2021-10-13 00:00 AM to 2021-10-19 11:59 PM (UTC)

Q1) What is the average cost of a transaction on Solana?

Answer: $0.0003

Q2) Solana is a ______

Answer: Layer 1 Blockchain with a single shard

Q3) What is a major benefit for developers on Solana?

Answer: All of the above

Q4) USDC-spl and USDT-spl are available on Solana as

Answer: Native tokens

Q5) Which of following best describes Solana?

Answer: All of the above

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