Binance Santos Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn $10 Santos

Binance Santos Quiz Answers

Binance Santos Quiz Answers: (BSC) Binance Learn and Earn $10 Santos token quiz. participate and get $10 worth Santos from $5,000 prize pool.

It has introduced the latest edition of the Binance Learn & Earn series with Santos, the official Binance Fan Token of Santos FC, the famous Brazilian football club.

They are giving away $5,000 in Santos Fan Tokens. The top 500 winners will each earn $10 worth of Santos Fan Tokens.

Learn about Santos from the Binance Fan Token platform, along with #BinanceLearnAndEarn articles and videos tweeted on a daily basis.

The top 500 winners ranked by their scores in the quiz will each be rewarded with $10 in the Santos FC Fan Token.

The Activity Period is 20th December 2021 00:00 AM (UTC) to 27th December 2021 11:59 PM (UTC).

How to participate in Binance Learn & Earn campaign? 

1) Sign in on Binance and complete the Identity verification (KYC).

2) Follow Binance Fan Token on Twitter, search for the #BinanceLearn AndEarn hashtag and retweet it.

3) Follow Santos FC on Twitter.

4) Learn about Santos from the Binance Fan Token platform, along with articles and videos tweeted which are posted daily.

5) Take the quiz that is posted on their Twitter account.

6) Binance Quiz answers will be updated. Scroll down to see the answers.

Binance Learn and Earn $10 Santos Quiz Answers

Part 1: Santos FC General Questions Answers

Q1) Which of the following is NOT a nickname for Santos FC? 

Answer: Alvinegro Cidade (White and black from the Town)

Q2) Which of the following is NOT a founder of Santos FC?

Answer: Edson Arantes

Q3) What milestone did Santos FC become the first team to achieve on 20 January 1998?

Answer: First team in the world to achieve 10,000 goals

Q4) Which FC Santos player was given the title of “Athlete of the Century” by the International Olympic Committee?

Answer: Pele

Q5) What are the official colours of Santos FC?

Answer: White and Black

Q6) Which of the following players has NOT made more than 700 appearances in Santos FC?

Answer: Edú

Q7) Which of the following is NOT a sport section of Santos FC?

Answer: MMA

Q8) Which country is the current Santos FC captain (Carlos Sánchez) from?

Answer: Uruguay

Q9) Which cryptocurrency exchange is Santos FC’s official partner? 

Answer: Binance

Q10) Which is Santos FC’s current home stadium?

Answer: Vila Belmiro

Part 2: Santos Fan Token Quiz Answers

Q1) When was the SANTOS Fan Token listed on Binance Fan Token Platform?

Answer: 1 December 2021

Q2) How can you get SANTOS Fan Tokens before listing?

Answer: Binance Launchpool

Q3) How many Binance Fan Tokens has Binance launched so far?

Answer: 3

Q4) What is the initial circulating supply of SANTOS when listed on Binance?

Answer: 4,550,000

Q5) What token do you need in order to participate in the SANTOS Binance Fan Token Launchpool?

Answer: BNB or BUSD

Q6) What will SANTOS holders first fan engagement poll be on?

Answer: Choose a message that will welcome the players at the stadium

Q7) Which of the following is NOT true? 

Answer: SANTOS Fan Token holders with 1,000 SANTOS will be able to get more SSR NFTs

Q8) Which of the following is not a Fan Token NFT classification? 

Answer: Extremely Rare (ER)

Q9) How many goals were scored in the Santos FC launch video? 

Answer: 2

Q10) Which of the following ways can fans get SANTOS Fan Tokens?

Answer: All of the above

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