Binance Sandbox Quiz Answers: Learn & Trade SAND

Binance Sandbox Quiz Answers

Binance Sandbox Quiz Answers: New Binance learn & trade quiz is live. Learn about Sandbox’s latest updates and share the $50000 prize pool.

This is Sandbox super fans learn and trade promotion by Binance, where you can share $100k in rewards in total. 

To participate, you must have your account Binance. If you don’t have an account then create your Binance account from the below given registration link.

Binance learn & trade Sandbox includes three promotional activities: New users welcome task, learn about Sandbox share $50,000 & trade, share and win.

In this post you can generally find Binance Sandbox quiz answers which is part of the 2nd promotional activity of Sandbox super fans learn and trade promotion.

During the activity period, users who complete the quiz and trading volume of at least 300 SAND will be qualified for equally sharing the prize pool of $50,000 in SAND tokens.

Binance Sandbox Quiz Answers are given below, scroll the page to get the answers. Activity period: 22nd February 2022, 00:00 AM to 28th February 2022 11:59 PM (UTC).

How to Participate in Sandbox Learn & Trade Quiz? 

1) Tap on the link given below and signup on Binance and complete your KYC.

2) Register for the Sandbox super fans learn & trade campaign.

3) There are 3 tasks that need to be completed during the promotion period.

Task 1: Read the article from Binance Academy about SANDBOX’s latest update.

Task 2: Submit the Sandbxox learn & trade quiz answers

Task 3: Accumulate a total trading volume of at least 300 SAND including buys and sells.

4) Take the quiz. Sandbox learn & trade quiz answers are given below.

5) For more information must visit Binance’s official website.

Binance Learn & Trade Sandbox Quiz Answers

Note: Do your research & recheck the answers before submitting the quiz. These answers are just for the reference purpose only

Q1) What is the name of The Sandbox’s native token?

Answer: Sand

Q2) What is the name of The Sandbox’s no-code development tool?

Answer: The Sandbox Game Maker

Q3) What is the name of the program to create voxel assets and NFTs for The Sandbox?

Answer: VoxEdit

Q4) Which famous musician will be turned into an avatar collection inside The Sandbox?

Answer: Snoop Dogg

Q5) What is the largest possible Estate size on The Sandbox metaverse map?

Answer: 24×24

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