Binance P2P 2 Years Anniversary Quiz Answers

Binance P2P 2 Years Anniversary Quiz Answers: (BSC) Binance Social Media quiz answers updated. Participate & win 100 BUSD.

Binance P2P Turned 2 and therefore they are launching a series of activities, with exclusive prizes such as a P2P mystery box, limited edition NFT, Gift Cards, iPhone 12 Pro to be won.

The Celebration Period started on 11th October 2021 at 08:00 AM and will end on 29th October at 08:00 AM (UTC).

Take the social media quiz to get a chance to win from the $2,000 prize pool or trade and win exclusive rewards which include an iPhone 12 Pro, VIP level upgrade, and a 6 BNB prize pool.

Join for a series of Binance P2P 2nd Anniversary Live webinars conducted in 6 different languages and get a chance to win Gift Cards worth up to 500 BUSD.

How to take Binance 2 Years Anniversary Quiz? 

1) First step is to Sign-in on Binance, click on the link given below to register.

2) Take the Binance Social Media Quiz. You can find Quiz Link on our Telegram Channel.

3) Buy, sell and/or trade the equivalent of 10 USD or more of any cryptocurrency on Binance P2P during the promotion period (from now until 22 October at 11:59 AM UTC). 

4) Share this blog article on your preferred social media channel including the hashtag #Cheers2BinanceP2P: Click Here

Binance P2P 2 Years Anniversary Quiz Answers

Campaign period: 2021-10-11 08:00 AM (UTC) to 2021-10-22 08:00 AM (UTC)

Binance P2P Quiz Time Answers

Q1) What cryptocurrencies are available on P2P?


Q2) What should you NOT do when opening an appeal?

Answer: Open other tickets with CS about the same case

Q3) Which of the following will NEVER cause your account to be disable?

Answer: Creating a fair offer, writing clear trade terms, and communicating politely with the counterpart

Q4) After I get money from My counterparty in bank account or e-wallet, what should I do?

Answer: Press “release”

Q5) My crypto buyer has yet to transfer money but he/she asked to be released first because it’s an international payment, what should I do?

Answer: Put it in appeal and only release it when money is already reflected in the bank account

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