Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers: Earn RUNE, BSW & JASMY

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers Today

Binance Learn And Earn Quiz Answers: Binance Academy’s all new learn & earn quizzes will go live on 2nd June 2022 where you can earn up to $9 worth of free cryptos.

Binance will soon launch the next round of ‘Binance Learn & Earn’ program, where users can gain knowledge on blockchain and earn crypto by just completing courses and quizzes.

There will be many learn & earn quizzes like THORchain, Biswap, Jasmy, Reef, Threshold, Tezos, Immutable X, Multichain, Harmony, Qutm, Woo network, Terra, Polkastarter, Ankr, etc.

All new users who register for a Binance account after 2nd June 2022, 07:00 AM (UTC) and complete KYC, may participate by reading the articles, watching the videos and completing quizzes from 2nd June 2022, 07:00 AM (UTC).

Eligible users will stand a chance to receive a predetermined amount of RUNE, BSW, JASMY, or tokens from other projects, depending on the course or quiz they complete.

All learn & earn Binance quiz answers will be updated here once the quiz goes live. Create a new Binance account, complete KYC verification and be ready for the quiz.

Participate In Binance Quiz & Earn Assured Upto $9

All new KYC users registered from 2nd June 07:00 AM (UTC) onward will be eligible to participate in the program

1) Tap on the link given below and create a new account on Binance exchange.

2) Signup with your valid mobile number/email id and complete your KYC verification.

3) On the Binance app dashboard tap on learn & earn banner or directly visit here.

4) All new Binance learn & earn quizzes will go live on 2nd June 2022, 07:00 AM (UTC).

5) All KYC-verified users can begin to read the articles and watch the videos anytime from now.

6) Eligible users will get RUNE, BSW, JASMY, or other tokens depending on the quiz they complete.

Binance THORChain Quiz Answers

Q1) What is the native coin of THORChain?

Answer: RUNE

Q2) How many types of users are there in THORChain?

Answer: 4

Q3) What is the total supply of THORChain’s native coin? 

Answer: 500 million

Q4) What are the use cases of THORChain’s native coin?

Answer: Governance, incentivization, settlement & network security

Q5) How does THORChain secure its network?

Answer: Tendermint Byzantine Fault Tolerance, Cosmos-SDK & Threshold Signature Scheme (TSS)

Q6) How would a BTC-to-ETH swap happen on THORChain?

Answer: Internally, there will be a BTC – RUNE swap, and then a RUNE to ETH swap

Q7) Which of the following statements is true?

Answer: RUNE is used to subsidize gas fees and reward Liquidity Providers and Node Operators

Q8) Who Secures The Network?

Answer: Node Operators

Q9) THORChain is a layer 2 DEX

Answer: False

Q10) What is the role of trader in the THORChain’s native ecosystem?

Answer: Function as an oracle to deliver data

Binance Biswap Quiz Answers

Q1) What is the current BSW emission rate per block?

Answer: 16 BSW

Q2) What is the maximum swap referral reward on Biswap?

Answer: 20%

Q3) What is the trading fee on the Biswap NFT Marketplace?

Answer: 0.1%

Q4) Biswap is a___

Answer: Decentralized exchange utilizing an AMM model

Q5) Who was Biswap audited by?

Answer: Certik

Q6) Biswap’s core products include

Answer: All are correct

Q7) How is the Biswap NFT Marketplace trading fee distributed?

Answer: Distributed equally between buyers and sellers in Robi Boosts.

Q8) What is Biswap’s native token?

Answer: BSW

Q9) Biswap’s core products include

Answer: All are correct

Binance Jasmy Quiz Answers

Q1) In which of the following ways will you not be able to obtain JASMY metaverse tokens in the future? 

Answer: PoW (Proof of Work)

Q2) How many JASMY tokens are allocated to the Jasmy Metaverse Fund?

Answer: 1 billion

Q3) Jasmy is based in Japan. True or false?

Answer: True

Q4) Which of the following is a characteristic of the Jasmy Metaverse? 

Answer: All are correct

Q5) What does the Metaverse Fund support?

Answer: All are correct

Q6) Which exchanges is Jasmy listed on?

Answer: All are correct

Q7) What is Jasmy’s goal?

Answer: To promote data democracy

Q8) Jasmy is making its foray into?

Answer: Metaverse

Terms & Conditions

All users who register for a Binance account and complete KYC from 2022-06-02 07:00 AM (UTC) will be eligible to participate in this activity.

Illegally bulk registered accounts shall not be eligible to participate or receive any rewards.

Rewards are limited and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Users can only claim the reward for each course after completing the quiz.

Eligible users may complete multiple quizzes to claim multiple rewards.

The actual value of the reward received may be subject to change due to market fluctuation.

Rewards will be distributed within 48 hours to qualified learners who pass the quiz. Users may check their rewards via Account > Reward Center.