Binance S.S. Lazio Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn Campaign

Binance S.S. Lazio Quiz Answers: (BSC) Binance Learn and Earn quiz answers will be updated.

It has introduced the latest edition of the Binance Learn & Earn series with LAZIO, the official token of the Italian football club, S.S. Lazio.

They are giving away $10,000 in LAZIO Fan Tokens. The top 500 winners will each earn $20 worth of LAZIO Fan Tokens.

Learn about LAZIO from the Binance Fan Token platform, along with #BinanceLearnAndEarn articles and videos tweeted on a daily basis.

The top 500 winners ranked by their scores in the quiz will each be rewarded with $20 in the LAZIO Fan Token.

The Activity Period is 16th October 2021 00:00 AM (UTC) to 22nd October 2021 11:59 PM (UTC).

How to participate in Binance Learn & Earn campaign? 

1) First step is to Sign in on Binance, click on the link given below.

2) Search for the #BinanceLearnAndEarn hashtag and follow Binance on Twitter. Also follow S.S. Lazio on Twitter.

3) Learn about Lazio from the Binance Fan Token platform, along with articles and videos tweeted which are posted daily.

4) Take the quiz that is posted on their Twitter account.

5) Binance Quiz answers will be updated. Scroll down to see the answers.

Binance Learn and Earn Lazio Quiz Answers

Binance S.S. Lazio Quiz Answers Learn and Earn Campaign

Part 1: Lazio General Questions

Q1) Which year was S.S. Lazio founded?

Answer: 1990

Q2) S.S. Lazio has been the Italian champions twice, and earned many more titles. Which of the following is NOT S.S. Lazio’s accomplishment?

Answer: 6 Coppa Italia titles

Q3) Who scored the opening goal in S.S. Lazio’s Coppa Italiana match against Roma on the 26th of May 2013?

Answer: Senad Lulic

Q4) What does S.S. stand for in S.S. Lazio?

Answer: Società Sportiva

Q5) Which S.S. Lazio president brought in famous players like Juan Sebastian Veron, Christian Vieri and Hernán Crespo?

Answer: Sergio Cragnotti

Q6) What is S.S. Lazio’s home kit color?

Answer: Light Blue

Q7) Which cryptocurrency exchange is S.S. Lazio’s official partner? 

Answer: Binance

Q8) What is Binance’s font color on S.S. Lazio’s home jersey versus Inter Milan (Oct 16 2021)?

Answer: Navy Blue

Q9) Who is the current captain for S.S. Lazio?

Answer: Ciro Immobile

Q10) Which team is S.S. Lazio’s biggest rival in Football?

Answer: A.S. Roma

Part 2: LAZIO Fan Token Questions

Q1) Which of the following utilities will the fans enjoy on the Binance Fan Token Platform?

Answer: All of the above

Q2) Who is Binance’s first Fan Token platform launch partner? 

Answer: S.S. Lazio

Q3) In the S.S. Lazio Binance Fan Token video, which animal was featured in the stadium?

Answer: Eagle

Q4) Which of the following ways can fans buy LAZIO Fan Tokens?

Answer: All of the above

Q5) What can LAZIO Fan Tokens do?

Answer: All of the above

Q6) What kind of token is LAZIO?

Answer: BEP-20 utility token

Q7) What is the maximum supply of LAZIO?

Answer: 40,000,000

Q8) Which of the following is NOT a utility for the LAZIO Fan Token?

Answer: Prediction

Q9) When will the LAZIO Fan Token be listed on Binance Fan Token Platform?

Answer: 21 October 2021

Q10) What do you need to hold in order to participate in the LAZIO Fan Token Launchpad?

Answer: BNB

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