Binance ApeCoin Quiz Answers: Learn & Trade Campaign

Binance ApeCoin Quiz Answers

Binance ApeCoin Quiz Answers: New Binance ApeCoin (APE) learn, trade and earn campaign is live. Participate and share a prize pool of $75000 in BUSD token vouchers.

To participate, you must have your account Binance. If you don’t have one then create your Binance account from the below given registration link and complete KYC verification.

Binance learn & trade ApeCoin campaign includes 2 promotional activities: Learn and earn 60,000 BUSD prize pool & share promotional poster to split 15,000 BUSD.

In this post, you will generally find the Binance ApeCoin quiz answers which is the part of the 1st promotional activities of this new Binance learn and earn campaign.

To be eligible you need to complete a net total deposit of at least 30 APE or a total trading volume of at least 35 APE across the eligible APE spot and margin trading pairs (buys & sells)

All users who complete all tasks during the promotion period will be qualified for equally sharing the prize pool of a maximum of 60,000 BUSD token vouchers. 

Rewards will be distributed based on the total number of correctly answered questions as a proportion of all correctly answered questions by all qualified users.

Binance ApeCoin quiz answers are given below, scroll the page to get the answers. Activity period: 9th April 2022, 00:00 AM to 15th April 2022, 11:59 PM (UTC)

How To Participate Binance Learn, Trade & Earn Campaign?

Visit the link given below, create account on Binance and complete KYC verification.

Promotional Activity A:

1) Register for the Binance Apecoin learn, trade & earn campaign.

2) Complete a net total deposit of at least 30 ApeCoin (APE) or a total trading volume of at least 35 APE.

3) Eligible APE spot and margin trading pairs: APE/USDTAPE/BTCAPE/BNBAPE/BUSD.

4) Take the learn & Earn ApeCoin quiz. Quiz answers are given below.

5) Qualified users will equally split 60,000 BUSD token vouchers.

Promotional Activity B:

1) Trade a total of at least 20 APE across the eligible APE spot and margin trading pairs (buys & sells).

2) Share the promotional poster in the form on social media and submit the screenshot here.

3) Qualified users will equally split 15,000 BUSD token vouchers.

4) For more information about learn & trade campaign, must visit Binance’s official website.

5) Activity period: 2022-04-09 00:00 AM to 2022-04-15 11:59 PM (UTC)

Binance Learn & Earn ApeCoin Quiz Answers

Do your research & recheck the answers before submitting it, these answers are just for reference purpose only.

Q1) The total supply of ApeCoin is permanently fixed at how many tokens?

Answer: 1 billion tokens

Q2) Which of the following describe an ApeCoin ($APE) token?

Answer: All are correct

Q3) Yuga Labs is know for the creation of:

Answer: Bored Ape Yacht Club

Q4) How are the ApeCoin DAO Board members defined?

Answer: APE holders vote for new members annualy

Q5) When was the BAYC collection launched?

Answer: April 2021

Q6) Does the APE Foundation control ApeCoin or the ApeCoin DAO?

Answer: Both

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