Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today: 30 January 2022

Funzone Amazon Quiz Answers Today

Amazon Funzone Daily Quiz Answers Today 30 January 2022 Today, Funzone Quiz Time. Win Amazon Pay Balance: See the Amazon daily quiz answers given below.

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How to play Amazon Daily Quiz?

1) This is app-only contest, so download the app from the link given below.

2) Now open the Amazon app and login into your account.

3) Go to the homepage and search for the word Quiz or Funzone

4) Next page you will see the “Amazon Funzone Quiz Time Daily” banner.

5) Click on the quiz time FunZone banner and there you will see all live Amazon Quizzes page.

6) Click on the Daily Quiz banner. You can find all the correct Amazon quiz today answers below.

Amazon Quiz Time Answers: 30 January 2022

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Q1: Which famous video game was created by Russian American game designer Alexey Pajitnov?

Answer: (A) Tetris

Q2: After 31 years, the Saint Luke’s Church an iconic church in which city opened its doors in December 2021?

Answer: (B) Srinagar

Q3: Indian Railways is constructing the world’s tallest railway bridge pier at Noney Valley in which state?

Answer: (C) Manipur

Q4: During which ruler’s reign did these domes first start appearing in Russia?

Answer: (B) Ivan IV ‘The Terrible’

Q5:In what form was this first released as?

Answer: (B) Play